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Lasting Family Monuments

Serving Ankeny, Des Moines and surrounding Iowa communities since 1945

Are you prepared to plan a lasting family memorial?

It’s not often that you must purchase something intended to last hundreds of years. We are here to help you in making this lasting decision. 

Make the memory live on…

Whether you are planning ahead of time or saying a final goodbye to a loved one, we know it is an emotional decision. At Wittenbeck Memorial, we take the time to understand your situation. We sincerely want you to feel as comfortable as possible planning the perfect monument to fit your needs… and your budget.

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Ask Us!

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

Do we need to wait for any length of time after a death before ordering a memorial?2018-04-04T10:03:58-05:00

No. Typically it takes from 4 weeks to 180 days to produce and deliver your memorial. Most cemeteries will have the ground prepared and the foundation in prior to that.

How long does it take to complete a memorial?2018-04-04T10:04:08-05:00

We expect to deliver your completed memorial (if using inventory stock) in 4 to 6 weeks after you have approved your artwork. Memorials from non-inventory stock can take up to 90 to 180 days to complete and deliver. We custom order the stock, after your approved artwork is received, so that you can make any changes you want during the time you are designing the marker. Then need to wait for the granite to arrive, either from a domestic site or from an international quarry. Winter also interrupts our schedule for deliveries.

Why would I buy a memorial in advance?2018-04-04T10:04:18-05:00

Memorials are to represent the individuals they are made for… who better to decide how they want to be remembered than the person the marker is for? Decision making in advance is easier than at a time of grief.

What type of material should the memorial be made of?2018-04-04T10:04:33-05:00

Today, most markers are made of one of three materials, granite, marble or bronze. We recommend granite because of the options it gives you and the durability of granite. See our information section for more details.

Be remembered for generations…

Choosing the right monument to memorialize your life or that of a loved one is never easy. Our skilled craftsmen understand this and are here to help you make the best decision for this lasting memory.

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