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Personalize your memorial.

Your monument will be carved and engraved by skilled crafstmen, whenever you are ready to select it. Plan ahead to save your family time and money.

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Make sure you understand what makes a quality memorial, and feel confident when you meet with our crafstmen to discuss your options.

  • Granite: The hardness of the granite you select determines how well it can be polished, and how well it will stand up to the elements of nature. The clarity of the granite refers to the grain structure and the clearness of color, and this will determine quality of the finished memorial.
  • Lettering: Lettering quality is determined by how deeply the letters are cut into the granite. More deeply cut letters mean better durability and stronger contrast and legibility. You should understand that some lettering styles work better on certain types granite, where others would not.
  • Carving: Quality and cost can be affected by whether you choose a 2-dimensial ("flat" carving) or a 3-dimensional carving. 3-dimensional carvings are scuplted by hand, and thus require greater skill and craftsmanship.
  • Design: Whether you would like a more traditional look or a uniquely personal design, it is important that the finished artwork maintains a pleasing balance between space and design.
  • Installation: Your monument isn't done until it's set in the ground, and it is very important to ensure that your monument is insalled properly in the cemetery. The foundation must be substantial enough to resist tipping, and the monument itself should be straight and level. Many cemeteries also have specific rules governing the size and depth of a monument's foundations, which much be adhered to. You also want to avoid staining by making sure the monument is sealed properly.
Engraving | Ankeny, IA | Wittenbeck Memorial Inc | 515-289-2343

Create a personalized memoryt that you want to last.

Monuments come in a variety of designs, and you may customize yours to be more traditional or to perfectly suit the personality of the remembered. Get knowledgeable assistance choosing the right finish and lettering style to suit your needs and to guarantee a long-lasting memorial for yourself or your loved one.

Engraving | Ankeny, IA | Wittenbeck Memorial Inc | 515-289-2343

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